Interactive Product Demonstration

JANNATEC Advanced Warning System

Project Details

Client: JANNATEC Technologies

Date: 2017

One of the dangers created by an underground mining environment is that it greatly inhibits a miner’s ability to see and hear everything around them.
As a result, collisions involving underground vehicles and personnel have been known to occur … with tragic consequences.

The J.A.W.S. 2 system (Jannatec Advanced Warning System) consists of a series of radio frequency transceivers attached to all underground vehicles, personnel and fixed hazards. The system will detect and issue warnings of other vehicles or personnel in the vicinity.

We worked with JANNATEC to create demonstration material for workers to be able to quickly understand the key aspects of the J.A.W.S 2 System, and in that- teaching how to safety start up and diagnose the device before beginning use.

Not only did we create educational video demonstration content, we also have a fully interactive experience to be "Played" and watched as it runs an intelligent form of the replicated technology of J.A.W.S 2 inside our game engine. The hardware simulation can be experienced directly by maneuvering an avatar in the game, or driving a vehicle to learn exactly how the system operates engaging learners in a more experiential environment.

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